Should You Ask Your Locksmith For A Smart Lock? Pros and Cons of A Keyless Lock

Thinking About Switching to a Keyless Lock? Ask Your Locksmith First


According to recent studies, the average American spends almost an hour each day looking for misplaced or lost things. This means you spend approximately 15 days in a year, just turning your house upside down to look for things.

Ironically, it’s the items you’re used to carrying all the time, like your mobile phone, wallet, and lipstick, that you lose more frequently. So, is it any wonder that house keys top the list of most misplaced or lost?

Add to wasting your precious time, constantly losing things also burns a hole in your pocket. A survey estimates that it will cost a whopping $5,591 over a lifetime if you replace all the items you misplace or lose every week.

But more importantly, losing the keys to your home can pose a serious threat to you or your family’s safety if they were to fall into the wrong hands. So with all these things in mind, should you consider installing keyless locks? Read more from this blog.


Follow this Locksmith Guide in Order to Choose the Perfect Door Locks for Your Property



Of course, door locks prove integral to securing your property. Without effective locks, you leave your house or business susceptible to unauthorized entries and access, resulting in loss of valuables and potential threats to your safety.

Door locks, however, are not simply one and the same. Depending on your door types and locations, particular locks meet your needs better than others. Heed the following guide from a locksmith to make sure you are choosing the best locks for your doors. Read more from this blog.