You Still Need to Keep Certain Items Inside Safes Even If You’re Going Minimalist

Even Hardcore Minimalists Should Keep These Items Secure Inside Safes

Since professional organizer and author Marie Kondo released her New York Times bestselling book on the Japanese art of decluttering—prompting readers to ask themselves if the things they own spark joy—the trend to adopt a minimalist lifestyle continues to catch on.

Fans of Kondo’s tidying methods claim their lives changed after heeding her advice. They say their productively and savings not only increased, but they are living a happier and more fulfilling life after letting go of all extraneous “stuff”.

That said, some take tidying to the extreme. These hardcore minimalists sometimes own as little as 25 items. While those practicing a minimalist lifestyle undeniably reap benefits, discarding particular items proves something akin to penny wise but pound foolish, as the saying goes. Your life will be less difficult to conduct with storing some vitals inside a safe. Read more on this article.



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