Burglars Share Secrets to Stealing and How Safes May Reduce Burglary Rates

The possibility of being a victim of violent or property crime is higher in Charlotte than the North Carolina average. The rate of a violent crime is 6.93 for every of 1,000 residents for Charlotte compared to 3.57 in North Carolina statewide, while the national median is 3.8. Furthermore, the chances of being a victim of property crime in Charlotte is 1 in 26 compared to 1 in 36 in the rest of the state of North Carolina.

Common crimes include guns stolen from cars and break-ins at business premises and homes. To help reduce crime rates, learn more about what burglars say about their crimes and how safes help deter criminality.

What Burglars Think About When Stealing Your Cash and Valuables

A news article reveals what burglars think about when conducting their crimes. Knowing their thoughts reveal security flaws and result in security plans which can reduce break-ins. WCNC recently asked convicted burglars what they think about and do before and during a theft. They noted that an NRA sticker on the vehicle means there are guns inside it or in the home. Furthermore, once inside the premises, they go to the bedrooms first because safes, cash, guns, and jewelry are most likely to be stored in there. Afterwards, they check the stove, freezer, fish tank, and toilet tanks for hidden valuables. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2pVET3Z


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