How to Choose and Manage Safes that Can Protect Your Business from Being Pillaged


The total crime rate in Charlotte, NC is 55 percent higher than the U.S. average, according to 2015 FBI uniform crime reports. There were 6,755 reported burglary incidents in Charlotte that affected 770 people out of every 100,000, a ratio that is significantly higher than the national average of 491, according to the FBI reports.

As an entrepreneur, burglary can cause much anxiety because cash is continuously being circulated on premises. However, your vulnerability can be minimized if you invest in the right safe. Learn more about the impact of a good safe on your business as well as how to choose and manage safes.

How Safes Protect Your Business

Businesses, especially those with daily cash at hand such as restaurants and retail stores, are susceptible to thieves but you can protect your cash and other valuables through a heavy-duty safe. You may be thinking about the high cost of a safe and that maybe you don’t need it as long as you collect sales every day, but there are always risks with this approach. Charlotte, NC has a high burglary crime rate and you’ll never know when thieves will get your hard-earned cash before you do. Instead of leaving everything to chance, get your own high-duty safe to ensure better protection for your cash. At the same time, you can keep other valuables there such as other expensive items that are part of the business. Read more on this article:


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