Delaying Installation of Doors and Door Repair Costs More Than Money

Procrastination is a fault most of us are guilty of. Whether it is buying spare batteries, getting a needed oil change, or fixing that broken door lock, putting off chores seems to be human nature. When it comes to doors and door repair, however, procrastination could cost you dearly.

1. Avoid Theft. There is nothing thieves love more than to find a building that is unlocked. They can walk right in and take whatever they want.

2. Voided Insurance. It is difficult to make a claim for theft when your building or home has not been secured. Many insurance policies spell this out in their section that contains the coverage.

3. Promotes Employee Theft. Recent studies show that 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at one time or another. At a place of business, any owner who is negligent in securing a business is inviting employees to turn to crime. How can an employee be blamed for missing merchandise when the building is accessible to all?

4. Setting an Example. When a home is left unlocked, this action can be ingrained in the minds of children who are watching. If you are not worried about locking up the house, why should they be concerned about locking the doors?

5. Becoming a Future Target. About 20% of all homes or businesses hit by burglaries are hit a second time. Once a robber finds out that you are lax in the security of your home or business, they will make it a point to watch your future actions.

It takes little time to contact a professional locksmith to repair a damaged door lock. The price is nothing compared to what you could lose in the future.


Preventing Employee Theft,

Lock Up Your Doors: Beware of the barbie burglars,


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