Locksmiths Offer Advice on Home Security Measures to Stop Criminals

Discuss home security with a locksmith so they can explain what you should do to keep your home safe from burglary and intrusion. Protecting your loved ones from harm should be a first priority. And since your home is the only sanctuary they have from criminal activities happening each day, you can’t afford to take it for granted.

Doors and Locks
A criminal will move on to another location if your home has burglarproof security installed. Part of that protection should include installing high quality deadbolts on all doors to prevent attempts to break in through prying or lock picking. The door strike plate where the locking bolt fits into is only secured with short screws. The door might look secure, but can be easily broken down by kicking it in at this weak point.

Locksmiths can install a heavy-duty strike plate with four 3-inch screws that set deep into the wall stud. They can add longer screws into door hinges to give the door additional strength against an intruder trying to pry the door open. High-security doors and frames can be installed to further your security measures.

Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

The windows in most homes only have a latch to secure them from being raised. A locksmith can install locks on the windows to prevent intruders from entering. They can also install keyed locks or a security bar to keep them from being opened.

Sliding glass doors can have 4-inch screws installed to replace the smaller ones that attach the frame to wall studs. Security patio door locks and security bar assemblies are two products a locksmith can install to prevent an intruder from entering through the sliding doors.

Alarm Systems

A locksmith can complete home security measures by installing monitoring and alarm systems with sensors that activate if a breach occurs. Every entry point to the home can be monitored by the system.


If any of these security devices interest you, call a locksmith to learn more about installation of products and services.


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