Doors and Door Repair Pro Tip: Check your Door before Getting Locks

Door locks and dead bolts are only as good as the door they are installed on. Certain types of doors should be investigated before thinking of installing a new lock.

Wood Doors Warp and Swell

The material used in a wood door design is the deciding factor in how your exterior door holds up to changing weather and humidity. Traditional wood 6-panel doors may add distinction and style to your business but are rarely a good choice for longevity and maintenance. However, if this is your preference, choose MDF materials over solid wood.

Steel Doors as an Option

Steel doors can give you a tough surface and great energy efficiency, but they also have their drawbacks. They are easily dented and can rust over time. When locks become difficult to maneuver, new doors and door repair are usually the recommendation.

Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

The advantages of choosing a fiberglass door far outweigh a wood door in material, looks and durability. Improved technology has mimicked the favored wood grain of solid wood doors and provides better performance. The downside to purchasing an exterior fiberglass door is the cost. However, the price far exceeds future problems of buckling, marring and closing.

A basic fiberglass door can cost around $300 and increase to as much as $2500 depending on style and finish. Locks can be provided at the time of door installation.

Before calling a locksmith to provide doors and door repair services, notice if there is swelling or warping of the doors. A lock mechanism that moves with the weather suggests an inadequate fit due to the type of door you have. Verify these suggestions with your locksmith and have them take care of the problem with a new door and lock.


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