Tips From Locksmiths on Securing Keys and Locks and How to Stay Safe

No one wants to feel unsafe in their home, and getting good locks is an important step to feeling secure. Below are a few tips on making your home safer.

Correct Deadbolt Installation

Contractors do not always install a deadbolt correctly. It may be best to have a locksmith install your locks. The screws on the security plate on your door should extend at least 3 inches into the door.

Keep in mind that if your door has a window, you might want a deadbolt lock that requires a key and not just one that can be easily turned by hand if the window is broken.

Change Locks in a New Home

Even keys that are stamped “Do not duplicate” can be copied, but if you speak to a locksmith, you might be able to get locks with keys that truly cannot be duplicated. You might want to consider replacing the locks with high-security locks and even adding an alarm system.

Special Locks For Service People

If you have someone come to clean the house or do other work while you are not there who has a key, you can get them a special key that only opens the knob even if your master key opens both the deadbolt and the knob. Then, you can just lock the knob on the day the service person is expected.

Keep in mind that even if you trust the person who has the key, they might lose it, or it might be taken by someone they know who is less trustworthy.

21 Secrets Locksmiths Won’t Tell You,

Most doors can be defeated so a good lock is key,


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