Rekeying and Replacement: Two Solutions for Doors and Door Repair

There is nothing worse than a malfunctioning lock. Are you wiggling your key to get the lock to turn? Do you find that the inner part of your lock just doesn’t seem to be working so well anymore? If you can identify with these problems, then you need the help of a locksmith. You have options to fix your old locks and it doesn’t always require replacing them with new ones. When it comes to doors and door repair you have some options.

Rekeying Your Locks

One way to deal with door locks that are being stubborn is to rekey the lock. Unless your lock is really old and vintage in nature, there are usually ample parts that can be easily acquired to rekey most locks. It is a simple process that requires replacing the innards of the locks with the new insides. This allows the keys to move freely and turn the locks with ease. It’s also a cost-saving alternative that allows homeowners to do one or many doors at once for a fraction of the cost. Many people choose to rekey their locks when they move into a new home or have someone move out.

Replacing The Locks

Replacing locks is a more expensive option, but one that works really well. If the locks are old, no longer safe, and do not have the latest advancements in the lock industry, replacement is the best course of action. There are numerous types of locks on the market today. From digital keypads that require the use of no keys to traditional key turned cylinders, you will find one that will suit your needs.

If you need help with your locks, don’t wait until the lock completely jams. Call a locksmith and have the locks fixed as soon as you notice a problem.


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