Commercial Doors and Door Repair: 3 Maintenance Tips for Businesses

Commercial doors require a maintenance plan if you want to maximize their use and prolong their lifespan to the fullest. Depending on how many days you are open for business, you could be using your commercial entryway every day and very often, which means it could be enduring a lot of abuse. If you spent a lot of money on your current doors, then you shouldn’t neglect caring for them. Here’s how to ensure your commercial doors last for many years to come.


Even if your commercial door opens or closes normally, that doesn’t mean problems aren’t already brewing. Visually inspect every single door part including springs, cables, pulleys, rollers and other hardware. Look for signs of wear and tear. Watch out for loose nuts and bolts, frayed cables, exposed metal, bent hinges, and rusty, dry or broken springs.


Lubricating your commercial door’s moving parts can help remove dirt and grime that can potentially make it hard to operate. Door lubrication should be done with some frequency, preferably once every three months. Don’t forget to lubricate the locks as well. As for the right lubricating products to use, it’s best for you to avoid the all-too-common WD-40 and opt for either graphite or Teflon lubricants instead.

Adjust the spring tension

Over time, the spring tension of a commercial door can weaken. Adjusting the spring tension solves this problem. You can adjust the spring to your desired tension once a month to prevent any drastic change in the way your door opens or closes.

In any case, if you encounter problems with your commercial door, it’s imperative that you don’t attempt to tackle the repair yourself and leave it in the hands of commercial doors and door repair experts instead. Replacing the springs for instance, could lead to serious injury if you don’t know how to go about the process properly. Better to be safe than sorry and let the pros handle it.


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