Solutions for Some Common Door Problems

Almost everyone has experienced problems with their doors at some point. Most of us simply choose to live with the issue, but this isn’t necessary because there are, in fact, simple solutions for many door problems. Plus, if the problem is too big for you to fix yourself, there are experts who know all about doors and door repair and can repair or even replace your door.

Door Binds in the Upper Jamb

If your door is binding in the upper jamb, it is doing so because the weight of the door is pulling it down at an angle away from the hinges. This is occurring because one or more of the screws that attach the hinge to the jamb of the door are loose because they are not long enough to reach the stud and hold the door firmly against the jamb. This is one of the most common complaints concerning doors, and it can be quite frustrating, but the solution is really quite simple. Just remove the screws that hold the top hinge to the jamb and replace them with new ones that are longer and will go deep enough into the stud to pull the door against the jamb again.

Door Sticks to Other Parts of the Door

If your door is sticking to other parts of the door other than the upper door jamb, then the most likely cause is that it is absorbing moisture, causing it to swell and stick. The most common solution is to plane the door down a bit–although this solution isn’t as easy for someone who is unfamiliar with door repairs. You might prefer to call a professional to inspect the issue for you first to determine just what’s causing the sticking, and then he or she will advise you on the most appropriate course of action.


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