Doors and Door Repair Pros Share Tips on Installing Commercial Doors

A new commercial door increases your security and helps you better protect the investment you made in your business. Proper installation requires more than just hanging or installing those doors though. You also need to think about any hardware you might want to use, including a key pad or a new lock.

Meeting Local Codes

Picking out new commercial doors isn’t as easy as simply buying a new door and putting it up. You need to make sure those doors meet local building codes and restrictions. Some cities require that commercial buildings use fire doors which keep a fire from spreading, and other cities ask that the doors have knobs that let employees open the door from both sides. You can usually talk with someone in city hall to get help meeting those codes or turn to a  doors and door repair company for help.

Choosing Doors

The two things you need to keep in mind when choosing doors is how you will use the door and the size you need. To determine the right size, you need to measure the space inside the door jamb without factoring in any trim around the edges or the jamb itself. The amount of times you open the door can dictate the type you need.

Light duty doors are suitable for opening around eight times every hour, but if your workers and clients will open and close the door more than 20 or 25 times an hour, you’ll need a heavy duty door.

Don’t forget about new hardware. Security measures like an electronic key pad, retina scanner or fingerprint scanner can protect your building from unauthorized access. Talk with our door installation specialists to find out more about choosing new commercial doors and hardware.

Types of commercial doors and applicable models,


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