Doors and Door Repair: Brand New Hardware Can Make a Charming Home

By getting rid of antiquated hardware, you can give your front door an entirely new look. It can also be a good investment to have new security locks installed as well as choosing new knobs and handles to enhance the value and appearance of your door.

Adding new door knobs can instantly enhance the value of your home. Door knobs can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. You can choose from a variety of different finishes as well like nickel, brass, bronze, and more. Switch out a knob for a handle if you want to give your home a more updated look.

A door knocker can be another great addition to your home. This piece of hardware is pleasing to look at and can be used to announce your visitors. It can help your door look stylish and distinctive.

Many people are also adding peepholes to help them to see who is knocking before they open their doors. This extra bit of security is a nice idea that can add value to your door. You can choose different peephole finishes and different view angles as well.

Kick plates are another great investment that can help your door look its best. These stylish plates can be installed at the bottom of your door in a finish that will match the rest of your hardware. They will prevent scuff marks while adding a customized look to your home. Since they prevent damage to your door, they will help it last as long as possible. You will not have to worry about purchasing new doors and door repair services for a long time if you have kick plates installed.


25 Ways To Make Your Doorway Fa-La-La-Festive, Huffington Post


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