Doors and Door Repair: A How-to-Guide on Choosing the Right Front Door

Your Area’s Weather

The average weather for Charlotte, NC, United States is warm and humid. This type of weather can affect any door very badly. If you are experiencing a heat wave, one of the problems you could be experiencing with your door is expansion. Expansion of the door materials can lead to a door not closing and the materials starting to break, causing your door to become useless.

Replacing The Old and Bringing in The New

Many people think that just because they maintain their doors, they will never have to do any sort of repair. Age, wear and tear, and the amount of exposure that a door gets to the weather can all affect a door negatively. If your electricity and gas bill are skyrocketing, or you are starting to feel drafts or your door is looking a little old, you might want to consider getting it replaced. Of course, you need someone who is an expert in doors and door repair to help you with this.

The Different Materials Available

Some of the materials that are available for doors on the market are wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. Vinyl is used for doors a lot these days because of its great thermal performance ratings and because it is easy to use with little maintenance required. Wood is a good pick because of its thermal features and how beautiful it looks. Aluminum is much stronger than vinyl or wood, making it a good choice for a sturdy door that will look good. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, are specially designed to save money on energy bills and are also designed to be low maintenance and easy to use.


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