Locksmiths on Key Differences between Changing Locks and Rekeying?

A lock change service is the process of replacing of an old lock by installing a brand new one with new keys included. On the other hand, rekeying just requires changing a lock’s internal parts in order to use a new key. The purchase of a new lock is not necessary as the locksmith will change the code of the current lock and provide a new key to coincide with it. Changing the code requires skill and special tools to adjust the tumbler configuration of the lock. The tumbler is made up of a series of pins that are manipulated during the rekeying process. After the adjustments have been made, the previously used key will no longer be able to open the lock.

When to rekey a lock

Since rekeying a lock does not require installing a brand new lock system, it is the preferred and most cost effective option for clients. Clients should consider this option when their locks are still functional but the key itself is lost or damaged. Rekeying is also a great option for homeowners, property managers, and realtors who wish sto have a peace of mind knowing their new key is the only key capable of opening a particular lock.

When to change locks

Changing locks is ideal when there is a need for an increase in security levels for a property or when a lock has been damaged and is no longer functional. It is also best to change your locks if you house has been broken into by an intruder. If the intruder damaged the lock in any way, your home might be vulnerable to more break-ins.


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