Shopping for Residential Safes? Consider These Tips Before Buying

The Three B's of Buying Home Safes and How to Choose the Right One


When it comes to safekeeping material possessions, there is still an ongoing debate on whether it is best to store these valuables in a high-end safetydepositbox (a.k.a. bank safe) or to keep them close, handy, and likewise secured in a residential safe (a.k.a. home safe). The answer, though, all boils down to the individual’s safety and security needs — the things that will be placed inside the safe and the purpose of keeping them there (e.g., fire and theft protection for important documents).

Many homeowners, however, have begun taking interest in home safes considering that they are more easily accessible compared to safety deposit boxes that are only available during bank operating hours. In addition, home safes are far more inexpensive than the off-site counterpart, but can also provide sturdy protection against fire, theft, natural disasters, and what have you. Read more from this blog.



Women Living Solo Should Hire a Locksmith for Security in Their Homes

If you’re a woman living on your own in Charlotte, NC, hiring a locksmith to increase your home’s security is a major safety tip to consider.Read more on this blog:

Things in Your Home Other Than Money That Need Security, According to a Locksmith



There are a few important things in our homes that we sometimes tend to neglect to safeguard, simply because we do not realize their value or how their loss could actually impact our lives, especially our safety and security. Unlike money and other obviously valuable items (e.g. gadgets, jewelry), we occasionally just let these things sit around the house like they can never be stolen – until a burglar breaks in.

Without properly securing these things, though, we are otherwise compromising our own safety, as well as that of our family’s. So, what are these often-overlooked things, then? More importantly, how do we go about protecting them? Read more from this blog.

You Still Need to Keep Certain Items Inside Safes Even If You’re Going Minimalist

Even Hardcore Minimalists Should Keep These Items Secure Inside Safes

Since professional organizer and author Marie Kondo released her New York Times bestselling book on the Japanese art of decluttering—prompting readers to ask themselves if the things they own spark joy—the trend to adopt a minimalist lifestyle continues to catch on.

Fans of Kondo’s tidying methods claim their lives changed after heeding her advice. They say their productively and savings not only increased, but they are living a happier and more fulfilling life after letting go of all extraneous “stuff”.

That said, some take tidying to the extreme. These hardcore minimalists sometimes own as little as 25 items. While those practicing a minimalist lifestyle undeniably reap benefits, discarding particular items proves something akin to penny wise but pound foolish, as the saying goes. Your life will be less difficult to conduct with storing some vitals inside a safe. Read more on this article.


Should You Ask Your Locksmith For A Smart Lock? Pros and Cons of A Keyless Lock

Thinking About Switching to a Keyless Lock? Ask Your Locksmith First


According to recent studies, the average American spends almost an hour each day looking for misplaced or lost things. This means you spend approximately 15 days in a year, just turning your house upside down to look for things.

Ironically, it’s the items you’re used to carrying all the time, like your mobile phone, wallet, and lipstick, that you lose more frequently. So, is it any wonder that house keys top the list of most misplaced or lost?

Add to wasting your precious time, constantly losing things also burns a hole in your pocket. A survey estimates that it will cost a whopping $5,591 over a lifetime if you replace all the items you misplace or lose every week.

But more importantly, losing the keys to your home can pose a serious threat to you or your family’s safety if they were to fall into the wrong hands. So with all these things in mind, should you consider installing keyless locks? Read more from this blog.

Office Safes – What to Consider Before Installing One

The Top Factors to Consider When Having Safes Installed in Your Office


Nowadays, every company needs to take security, especially with regard to sensitive and proprietary information, very seriously. Corporate or economic espionage, after all, is a stark reality. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that theft of trade secrets and economic espionage have cost the American economy more than $19 billion in 2012 alone. Moreover, as many as 27 percent of large companies have also reported an increase in theft cases.

To protect trade secrets, businesses need to limit access to their important files by storing them in appropriate safes. When buying safes for the office, it’s important to keep in mind certain considerations. Read more from this blog.

Call a Professional Locksmith for Help in These Situations



At some point you’re going to need urgent professional assistance to deal with issues at home. More often than not, this may involve contractors for your yard, plumbing or appliance. However, there are cases that involve something rather more critical: your locks, and the need for a professional locksmith.

Issues with your home’s locks need to be addressed immediately to prevent unwanted access.

It’s a big concern especially considering that as many as two million burglaries are reported throughout the United States every single year. You need to make your locks are fixed properly by calling for the assistance of a professional locksmith. Read more from this blog.